DIP-8 LM2917N-8 LM2917N-8/NOPB
  • DIP-8 LM2917N-8 LM2917N-8/NOPB

DIP-8 LM2917N-8 LM2917N-8/NOPB

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DIP-8 LM2917N-8 LM2917N-8/NOPB

LM2917 Frequency to Voltage Converter


- Ground referenced tachometer input interfaces directlywith variable reluctance magnetic pickups
- Op amp/comparator has floating transistor output
- 50 mA sink or source to operate relays, solenoids,meters, or LEDs
- Frequency doubling for low ripple
- Tachometer has built-i- hysteresis with either differentialinput or ground referenced input
- Built-i- zener o- LM2917
- ±0.3% linearity typical
- Ground referenced tachometer is fully protected from damage due to swings above VCC and below ground

- Over/under speed sensing
- Frequency to voltage conversio- (tachometer)
- Speedometers
- Breaker point dwell meters
- Hand-held tachometer
- Speed governors
- Cruise control
- Automotive door lock control
- Clutch control
- Hor- control
- Touch or sound switches

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