Door Access Control Board WG2001
  • Door Access Control Board WG2001
  • Door Access Control Board WG2001

Door Access Control Board WG2001


single 1 Door Access Controller 20K Users 100K Events MEM Fire Protection &Alarm Trigger Programmable logic


Sofware for this product can be download below:

WinXP         : Access Control Board WG2001/mjenXP.rar
Windows7 : Access Control Board WG2001/mjenWin7.rar



Technical parameter and Features

Preferences Single Door/Bidirectional Controller 2-Door/Bidirectional Controller 4-Door/Unidirectional Controller
Model WG2001 WG2001.NET WG2002 WG2002.NET WG2004 WG2004.NET
Software Download Download Software +Wiring diagram+Software Introduction link below:

Double click "setup.exe".After installation,username:ABC,Password:123

Communications RS485 TCP/IP 10M/100M Self-adaptive RS485 TCP/IP 10M/100MSelf-adaptive RS485 TCP/IP 10M/100MSelf-adaptive
Description One door,Card enter,Card or button exit 2 doors,Card enter,Card or button exit 4 doors,Card enter,Button exit
PCB Dimensions 160mm *106mm 160mm *106mm 218mm*106mm
Iron Box Dim 273mm*228mm*65mm
Power Supplier 12VDC 4-7A
Current <100mA
Acceptable Card Readers' Format Wiegand 26bit or 34bit(optional by hardware switch,default is 26bit)
Extensible Card Readers 2 4 4
Door(s) for control 1 2 4
Delay 1-600 seconds adjustable
Max units online N*256 Unlimited N*256 Unlimited N*256 Unlimited
Note:"N" means quantity of Com ports or RS485 Hub's ports
Working Temperature -40 ~70 Centigrade
Working Moisture 10-90%RH
Max Users Quantity 20,000
Event records quantity 100,000
Power off Protection High speed flash memory,keep data safe without power
Max Distance from Reader to Controller Max to 100M
Max Distance from Controller to PC RS485:Max to 1,200M,Reliable value 1,000M,can be extended up to 3000 M by RS485 relay.
TCP/IP:According to the network coverage
Accessories PCB*1pcs,CD*1pcs,Manual*1pcs,Certificate*1pcs,Carton * 1pcs
Alarm when:Door un-closed overtime,unlawful entry or being Threatened yes yes yes
Fire protection &Alarm Trigger If theft or fire occurs,the software can alarm by PC's speaker.If the controller contact to "alarm external module",it can also drive the alarm Siren,
Hold the door open/closed by software yes yes yes
Remote open by software yes yes yes
Programmable Interrelation of doors' condition(open/closed) yes yes
Note:you can setup the interrelation between the doors Arbitrarily,such as "only when door A is open &door B is closed,Door C can be openned"
Anti go back convertly,Anti followed yes yes
Note:This function means if a card has already exited,it can not exit again without enter.
Multi-card open yes yes yes
Note:A door can be openned only when 2 or more cards are read(multiple persons are present). This function maybe useful for very important place.
programmable time of hold open yes yes yes
Note:can setup the door hold open at a specified time,maybe useful during the period of going to work every morning
Electrical Map yes yes yes
Note:Can easily know your doors' condition vividly from the software.
Urgently close Both enter&exit yes yes yes
Note:The door(s) can be hold closed,refuses both enter and exit in case of theft or other accident occurs.
Initial Card yes yes yes
Note:If Initial Cards was activated,Only after Initial card is read,Other user cards can be available.
validate from both side yes yes yes
Note:Door can be set to openned only when card reading from both outside and inside of the door.
Extensible pin code RFID reader(card+pin code/super password) yes yes yes
Note:Door can be set to openned only when both card reading and pin code pressed.

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